Taxation Publications

VIES and INTRASTAT Traders involved in the import and export of goods within the E.U. have responsibilities in both VIES and Intrastat regimes.
Tax Payment Difficulties Revenue expects that taxpayers and businesses organise their financial affairs to ensure that they pay their tax debts as they fall due.
Revised Pharmacists Scheme for VAT The revised Pharmacists Scheme is for use by pharmacies whose annual Vatable turnover is less than €1.5 million.
Home Renovation Incentive Scheme The Budget provides for a Home Renovation Incentive Scheme which will run from 25th October 2013 to 31st December 2015.
Tax Treaties Text of double taxation treaties between Ireland and 45 other countries.
Statements of Practice List of Revenue Statements of Practice, with reference numbers and dates.
Tax Briefing Downloadable issues of Revenue’s bulletin for Tax Practitioners.
Technical Guidelines Guidelines relating to particular technical issues in taxation.
Legislation Information on Bills, Acts and Statutory Instruments relating to taxation.