Budget Summary 2017 Provided by Budget Summary 2017
Budget Summary 2016 Provided by Budget Summary 2016
Newsletter Q4 2015 Provided by Newsletter Q4 2015
Budget Summary 2015 Provided by Budget Summary 2015 (pdf, 7 pages)
Home Renovation Incentive Scheme Provided by Home Renovation Incentive Scheme (pdf, 1 page)
Budget Summary 2014 Provided by PracticeNet Budget Summary 2014 (pdf, 5 pages)
Guide to Local Property Tax 2013 Provided by Guide to Local Property Tax 2013 (pdf, 20 pages)
Local Property Tax 2013 FAQ Provided by PracticeNet Local Property Tax 2013 FAQ (pdf, 19 pages)
Budget Summary 2013 Provided by PracticeNet Budget Summary 2013 (pdf, 7 pages)
Budget Summary 2012 Provided by PracticeNet Budget Summary 2012 (pdf, 7 pages)
Budget Summary 2011 Provided by PracticeNet Budget Summary 2011 (pdf, 7 pages)
Budget Summary 2010 Provided by PracticeNet Budget Summary 2010 (pdf, 4 pages)
Budget Summary 2009 Provided by PracticeNet Budget Summary 2009 (pdf, 5 pages)
Conferences – VAT Deductibility Provided by Revenue Commissioners This information leaflet sets out the changes introduced by the Finance Act 2007 in respect of the entitlement to deduct input VAT incurred on attendance at certain business conferences with effect from 1 July 2007. (pdf,7pages)
Combating VAT Fraud in the EU – The Way Forward Provided by IVA International VAT Association (IVA) report on VAT fraud in the EU (pdf, 49pages)
Life Insurance Cost Survey Provided by IFSRA This IFSRA survey compares the cost of two common types of life insurance – mortgage protection and term life insurance. (pdf, 3pages)
Tax Briefing: Construction Industry Provided by Revenue Commissioners Special Feature in Tax Briefing on the Construction Industry, RCT etc. (pdf, 20pages)
Business current account cost survey Provided by Financial Regulator This survey compares the fees and charges on the main business current accounts offered to small and medium enterprises.(pdf, 3pages)
Guide to Labour Law Provided by Dept of Enterprise, Trade & Employment Summary of Employment Legislation Administered by Department. (Pdf, 60pages)
VAT treatment of live theatrical & musical events Provided by Revenue Commissioners Revenue Leaflet for VAT treatment of the promotion of and admission to live theatrical and musical events (Word, 24pages)
Criteria for Payment of Country Money Provided by Revenue Commissioners Revenue published guide in relation to payment, tax free, of country money to workers in the Construction industry and the ElectricalContracting sector. (pdf, 6 pages)
Guide to Public Sector Tendering Provided by Enterprise Ireland Excellent guide to tendering (pdf, 55pages)
Keeping Afloat – The Corporate Challenge Provided by ACCA ACCA booklet to help small businesses manage their finances, to install proper credit control procedures, to plan for the future etc. (pdf, 26pages)
Effective Performance Management with the Balanced Scorecard Provided by CIMA CIMA publication providing commentary on theoretical developments in scorecard thinking, as well as practical and case-study based guidance(pdf, 43pages)